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The Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement / Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIS/EIR) (State Clearinghouse No. 2012071090) has been extended through February 5, 2018.  MORE…


Liberty Canyon is the best remaining location for creating a wildlife passage at the 101 freeway within the zone of continuous development from Westlake Village on the west to the 405 freeway on the east. Phase 1 of the project has just been completed. See VIDEO and MORE…


Check out the amazing assortment of time-lapse, aerial, under water, and educational videos on our video page.

  • Least tern and a pair of her eggs. Least terns haven’t nested at Malibu in over 70 years. 30 nests were counted in 2017.
  • Snowy plover and her Chick. Snowy plovers have not successfully nested at Malibu Lagoon since the 1940’s.
  • Newly hatched Snowy plover chick.


View our many slideshows that document changes in the Lagoon, see the amazing fish, birds, and wildlife using Malibu Lagoon


Photographed on October 23, 2015

Take a virtual tour around Malibu Lagoon and see how the Lagoon is progressing as the restoration matures. 

  • kelp-cover
    The Kelp Canopy shades the lagoon entrance and outdoor classroom.
  • students
    Students and visitors can watch wildlife up close as they enjoy their lunch.
  • path-to-beach-overlook1
    Follow the west path as Malibu Creek flows into the Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean.
  • beach-overlook
    The PCH overlook highlights the connection between Malibu Creek, Lagoon and Pacific Ocean.
  • lagoon-overlook-north
    PCH overlook has perfect morning light for nature and wildlife photographs.
  • lagoon-north1
    One of three bird refuge islands to avoid foxes, coyotes, feral cats and other predators.
  • lagoon-north-path-back1
    Interpretive displays educate vistors about the Lagoon and it’s wildlife.
  • lagoon-north-path-back2
    Picnic tables and seats line the north path.
  • path-south2
    3 dimensional interactive model demonstrates the flow of water through the Malibu Creek Watershed.
  • path-south2
    The amphitheater provides visitors and students the best view of the Lagoon.
  • path-south3
    This vantage shows how water circulates and is cleansed at the same time.
  • path-south4
    The “Winter Clock/Summer Ramp” submerges at 6.5 ft. and measures water level and tides.
  • bird-blind
    The bird blind allows visitors to view wildlife without disturbing them.
  • path-south5
    This island is centered on the bird blind and is a favorite area for fish and birds.
  • south-west-corner
    This interpretive display is located at the corner of the western and south paths.
  • south-west-corner-picnic2
    The southern picnic area accommodates large groups near the Malibu Movie Colony.
  • path-east1
    The south path and road is an expressway for surfer’s to quickly reach Malibu Beach.
  • beach-walk
    The beach path teams with students, birders, and surfers enjoying the Lagoon and the beach.
  • crossroad-east
    This junction point goes to the beach or the secluded watershed overlook.
  • watershed-overlook
    The watershed overlook is where Malibu Creek flows from the mountains into the lagoon and surf-zone.
  • black-birds
    Birds enjoy the magnificent natural setting.
  • egrit-in-flight
    A Snowy Egret in flight.
  • IMG_3834
  • IMG_3429
  • IMG_3808
  • IMG_3468
  • IMG_3052
  • IMG_3804
  • IMG_3799
  • IMG_3807


Help restore Malibu Lagoon. Join California State Parks, The Bay Foundation and EcoMalibu to help maintain the newly restored Malibu Lagoon. Volunteers are needed to help control invasive weeds and to allow the recently planted native vegetation a chance to flourish. A large part of the lagoon restoration project is to dramatically increase the diversity of native plants. Please help the native plants take root.

Volunteer restoration dates (Saturday 10 am to 1:30 pm)

February 24

March 24

Meet in the Lagoon parking lot near restrooms.
Sign up with the Bay Foundation to Volunteer. 



Recover, restore and protect the lower Malibu Creek watershed and historical wetland in the heart of Malibu. Educate the general public about the wetland and riparian ecosystem, promote and restore clean and safe water for purposes of recreation, habitat and food sources.


Establish a thriving ecosystem in the lower Malibu Creek watershed that creates a green central park/open space area that protects adjacent properties from flooding, enhances water quality and habitat in the heart of Malibu.