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EcoMalibu is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) tax exempt public benefit corporation that serves to educate the Malibu community and general public about issues to recover and restore the natural wetland system in the heart of Malibu.  Over 90% of wetlands in California have been rendered dysfunctional due to habitat loss from development. Wetlands work naturally to clean polluted water flowing off the landscape and into our rivers, streams, and creeks before it enters the ocean.  Currently, EcoMalibu has four active programs:

Malibu Lagoon - 2016.
Malibu Lagoon – 2016.
Student volunteers and interns planting native vegetation Malibu Lagoon - June, 2014.
Student volunteers and interns planting native vegetation Malibu Lagoon – June, 2014.

First, the education of the public regarding the importance of wetlands, given the role that they play in cleaning water, forming prime surf locations, and protecting our coast against issues associated with climate change, is preeminent.  EcoMalibu is developing programs for students, interns, and volunteers to engage in an extraordinary environmental experience through hands-on activities at the Lagoon.  Students and volunteers will learn about the wetlands, using the Lagoon as a living laboratory.  They will also participate in hands-on restoration by removing invasive vegetation, and installing native plants for wildlife habitat. It is EcoMalibu’s hope that these opportunities will inspire future wetland scientists.  As part of this effort, EcoMalibu will continue to document and highlight the Lagoon restoration project, to use as a model for encouraging increased and improved wetland restorations throughout California — and the world.

Second, EcoMalibu will continue advocating for the restoration of the historic wetland, promoting clean water and sensible development, and mitigating Malibu’s notorious traffic problems.  EcoMalibu produced a short documentary, entitled “Decision Malibu,” in an effort to support “Measure R,” a ballot initiative that requires majority approval by the citizens of Malibu for developments larger than 20,000 square feet; “Measure R” was overwhelmingly passed by Malibu residents.  Currently, “Measure R” is being challenged in court by a consortium of commercial developers.  Additionally, EcoMalibu has weighed-in on the Civic Center Wastewater Treatment plant, suggesting improved methods and techniques to ensure clean water for the Malibu Creek and Lagoon, as well as Surfrider Beach.  EcoMalibu had previously published in “The Local” a vision for a “Central Park,” located in the civic center area, as an alternative to destroying the pristine coastal bluffs habitat next to Bluff’s Park.  The alternative features a children’s park and recreational facilities that would reduce the massive traffic increases proposed by the commercial developers.  As issues arise that may impact Malibu’s natural resources, EcoMalibu will continue to advocate on behalf of the environment.

A park is better rather than commercial development. (tap on the image to see the video)
Front lawn replaced with rain garden which conserves and cleans water - 2016.
Front lawn replaced with rain garden which conserves and cleans water – 2016.

Third, EcoMalibu is currently producing an educational, step-by-step, how-to video instructing homeowners how to construct and maintain a “Rain Garden.”  The rain garden video will teach the viewer how to convert their landscape into an eco-friendly environment, using native vegetation for the purpose of cleaning and conserving water.   In action, rain gardens intercept polluted storm-water runoff from rooftops and driveways, and divert it into the landscape; this polluted runoff is cleaned and filtered as it passes through the soil, and pollutants are extracted by plant roots.  Additionally, rain gardens are constructed with native plants, and use 93% less water than a typical lawn.  The rain garden video will also feature details on how to convert the water used for the laundry into a “gray-water” irrigation system.  Promoting rain gardens, and using gray-water for irrigation, can dramatically cut water usage (and its inherent expense), and systematically reduce the pollutants that reach our rivers, creeks, streams, wetlands, and, ultimately, our life-giving ocean.

Fourth , EcoMalibu plans to launch a new and innovative educational “Climate Change” program specifically to promote environmental stewardship among surfers.  As global climate change progresses, and sea levels rise, surf spots, like Surfrider, will be increasingly at risk.  How society reacts to these changes will determine the future of these premiere surf spots, and our oceans.  Question: Will we try to battle nature — with sea walls, berms, and jetties, or will we enhance our wetlands in accordance with nature?  Clearly, wetlands are imperative for the protection against hurricanes and other weather events associated with climate change.  Surfers are a perfect group to steward sensible ocean policies designed to protect our precious surf spots, and wetland ecosystems for future generations.

Malibu Noseriding Invitational sample heat for October, 2017. (tap on the image to go to the web site)
Rell Sun
Rell Sun

To rally surfers around this cause, EcoMalibu has designed a unique surfing competition that will occur at the world-famous Malibu Surfrider Beach, when ideal wave conditions are forecast “On one perfect day” in October, 2017.  The contest, entitled the Malibu NoseRiding Invitational (MNI), is a timed noseriding contest (maneuvering the surfboard from the front end) designed for surfers to accumulate the most timed noserides on a series of waves.  It’s a simple, objective judging system that appeals to a wide audience, one that even non-surfers will appreciate.  It invites eight world-class women surfers to compete nose-to-nose with eight world-class men surfers for the first time in the history of professional surfing.  The event will be streamed live over the internet, and edited for a one hour television special.  EcoMalibu will also produce a series of short, educational videos that will be incorporated into both the live webcast and the one-hour television program.  The audience will quickly learn about the issues of sea level rise, and the potential impacts to surf spots around the world (You can see a presentation of this program at

Your generous donations, and/or purchases of EcoMalibu merchandise, will be used to support our educational outreach, and advocacy efforts.  Funds will be used to further promote the importance and need for wetland restoration, implementing EcoMalibu’s student and volunteer programs, video production, and website development.  Further, EcoMalibu is seeking sponsors and donors to help launch the climate change initiative that couples a surf contest with targeted educational messages. 

EcoMalibu hopes that you will consider supporting its programs for your end-of-year giving.  EcoMalibu will treat your donations with the same respect that they would their own contributions. Of course, donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent provided by the law. We invite you to please explore the website to learn more about our programs and the organization.

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