Ebb and Flow

Fence being built by this Colony Homeowner is not permitted.
Fence being built by this Colony Homeowner is not permitted.

Malibu Colony Homeowner Builds Unpermitted Fence

A week ago today, either an individual Malibu Colony homeowner or the Malibu Colony Homeowners as a group entered State Parks property and killed hundreds of native plants. Besides killing hundreds of native plants they also disabled a large area of irrigation that was used to raise these plants to maturity. These plants had been painstakingly grown from seed as part of the Malibu Lagoon Restoration project. Thousands of people hours were required to collect the seeds, grow and install the plants, weed and irrigate the area to allow the plants to mature for three years.

This was all done to install a taller 10 ft. high fence around the end of Malibu Colony Road. This work was done covertly without the permission of State Parks and seemingly without the required permits. These culprits ripped out more than 1,500 square feet of native plants. They clearly crossed into public property and likely extended their fence and property line onto property owned and paid for by the citizens of California. The sad part is the fence could have been built without any damage to State Parks property or natural resources.

They also installed a second 15 ft. tall fence which extends 50 ft. into the ocean to intentionally make beachgoers believe that they are not allowed on the beach in front of the Malibu Colony.

There is a long standing culture by the Malibu Colony Homeowners, believing that they have the right to do whatever they want to suit their own selfish needs and to blatantly disregard the impacts to the millions of visitors and abundant wildlife that frequent Malibu Lagoon. This egregious violation of public property and total disregard for anyone but themselves is wholly unconscionable.

To make matters worse they didn’t even have the decency to clean up their trash, which they left on State Parks property. Discarded fence material, old concrete footings, abandoned pipe, and vegetation that was removed from in front of the old fence, was left piled up on the remaining plants to ensure more damage. It is time that these “uber-rich elitists” learn some manners.

EcoMalibu hopes that the various agencies who required such diligent resource protection during the Restoration Project and the many considerations that the State and agencies implemented to minimize disturbances to the residents of Malibu Colony during the construction phase, will enforce the law to protect this model restoration and the natural resources that belong to all the citizens of California.