Ebb and Flow

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The Malibu City Council is considering more ball fields in the pristine natural habitat area east of the existing ball fields. MORE…

Initial study and environmental assessment for the wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon officially closes TODAY, October 26, but Caltrans has stated they will consider any comments received by COB on November 8.  MORE…


CDFW, as the lead agency under the California Environmental Quality Act, is soliciting comments on the Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR).  MORE…

Malibu Lagoon Project Manager Responds to Allegations That Lagoon Restoration Is Ruining Surfrider BeachIn response to the Judy Abel article “Surf Community Calling for Immediate Changes at Malibu Lagoon”. While we respect the opinion of others we felt it necessary to respond to the many inaccuracies and falsehoods put forth in this article. It is also very unfortunate that writer did not interview a single scientist or expert associated with the project in order to avoid these errors. MORE


Malibu Surfside News, , June 13, 2017:  Malibu Lagoon Project Shows Signs of Success
By Suzanne Guldimann
The Malibu Lagoon Restoration and Enhancement Project celebrated its fourth anniversary this spring. “We’re about to start our fifth year of monitoring, and everything is going well,” Santa Monica Bay Foundation Watershed Programs Manager Melodie Grubbs told the Malibu Surfside News…  Bay Foundation Executive Director Tom Ford explained that those findings are good news for the plants and animals that live in the lagoon.  “So far it seems to be working,” Ford said.  MORE…

Rare, Tiny Shorebird Nests on Los Angeles County Beaches for First Time in Nearly 70 Years
For the first time in nearly 70 years, western snowy plovers are nesting on Los Angeles County beaches. The first nest was found on April 18 on Santa Monica State Beach, followed by discovery of a nest on Dockweiler State Beach on April 27, and two nests on Malibu Lagoon State Beach on April 28 and May 4.  MORE

The Acorn, April 13, 2017:  Agencies ready to move on sewer recycle. Lawsuit settled, ‘toilet to tap’ can now proceed.
By Sylvie Belmond,
At first murky but now coming into focus—a plan that would divert Tapia sewer plant’s recycled water away from Malibu Creek and turn it into safe drinking water could give consumers an important new potable source that promises to beat the drought. MORE

THE HISTORY AND THE FUTURE OF ECOMALIBU By Steve Woods Local Issue 41 November/December 2016
It’s been 3 years since the completion and success of the Malibu Lagoon Restoration Project. EcoMalibu has played an integral part in the planning and implementation of restoring the health of the Malibu Creek Watershed and its impact on water quality at Surfrider beach. MORE

New tunnels in Santa Cruz Mountains will provide cougars safe passage By Lisa M. Krieger October 15, 2016 updated: November 26, 2016
As cars whiz by, Wyoming’s pronghorn antelope migrate safely across bridges built just for them. Underneath the Florida Everglades’ “Alligator Alley,” tunnels offer a low-lying route for Florida’s elegant and endangered panthers.  MORE

Water Conservation Slip in California: East Bay Times, Denis Cuff October 5, 2016
Californias’ water conservation slipped in August for the third month in a row, worrying state officials that the public’s memory of recent drought restrictions is fading too far.  MORE

Creating Rain Gardens for Pleasure:  The Mercury News, Joan Morris, September 28, 2016
Creating water catchment areas help with pollution and runoff, plus look pretty… MORE 

Caltrans Proposes Wildlife Overpass: Los Angeles Times, Martha Groves, September 2, 2016
Mountain lions, bobcats and other wildlife would have less chance of becoming roadkill… MORE

Keeping the River:  KCET, Video
Salmon once swam in every major river in California and they provided and they continue to provide an invaluable resource for Native peoples. MORE

Malibu Colony Homeowner Builds Illegal Fence:  EcoMalibu, August 19, 2016
Also, an individual Malibu Colony homeowner or the Malibu Colony Homeowners as a group entered State Parks property and killed hundreds of native plants…. MORE

EcoMalibu is in Production:
EcoMalibu is currently producing an educational, step-by-step, how-to video instructing home-owners on how to construct a rain garden. MORE…

Judges Ruling on Measure R? ‘Stay’ Put:  Admin1, May 15, 2016.
Slow growth advocates were able to breathe a sigh of relief now that Measure R is back in effect…MORE

5 Reasons Dam Removal Still Makes Sense Despite the Drought: KCET, Chris Clark, March 22, 2016
When Interior Secretary Donald Hodel suggested in 1987 that California might tear down O’Shaughnessy Dam in Yosemite National Park, few took him seriously. MORE 

The Las Virgenes Municipal  Water District (AKA: Tapia) Lost: U. S. District Court, Oakland, CA – ORDER ON CROSS-MOTIONS FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT, February 1, 2016
Tapia lost its law suit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Waterkeepers and the Natural Resources Defense Council… MORE

In Historic Vote, the Echo of Another: Malibu Surfside News, Chris Bashaw, November 11, 2015
The defeat of Measure W was clear, signaling a locally historic vote… MORE

Improvements Coming to Leo Carrillo State Park: KCET, Rick Paulus, June 16, 2015
After 15 long years of negotiation and planning, a series of improvements to Malibu’s Leo Carrillo State Park have finally been approved. The construction will remove two concrete low-water “Arizona Crossing” roadways and replace them with free-standing bridges. MORE

Emergency 25% cut in California cities’ water use approvedLos Angeles Times, Matt Stevens, Chris Megerian and Monte Morin, May 6, 2015 official joking grimly that dealing with severe drought was similar  to grappling with the five stages of grief.  MORE

Brown orders California’s first mandatory water restrictions: Los Angeles Times, Chris Megerian, Matt Stevens and Bettina Boxall, April 1, 2015
“It’s a different world” – California to cut water use by 25% as part of a sweeping set of mandatory drought restrictions, the first in state history. MORE

A Park in the Heart of Malibu is Better:  EcoMalibu,
EcoMalibu envisions a Central Park in the heart of the city… MORE

Nasa Climate Study Warns of Unprecedented North American Drought:  The Guardian, Dana Nuccitelli, February, 16, 2015
California is in the midst of its worst drought in over 1,200 years, exacerbated by record hot temperatures. A new study led by Benjamin Cook at NASA GISS examines how drought intensity in North America will change in a hotter world… MORE

11 Trillion Gallons to Replenish California Drought Losses:  NASA Analysis, December 16, 2014
It will take 11 trillion gallons of water (42 cibic kilometers) — around 1.5 time the maximum volume of the largest U. S. reservoir — to recover from California’s continuing drought…  MORE

Measure R Claims Victory:  Malibu Surfside News, Ashleigh Fryer, November 5, 2014
Malibu Measure R – an initiative requiring proposed developments of more than 20,000 square feet be approved by the voters –  MORE

Endangered Steelhead Trout Restored In Malibu Lagoon:  Santa Monica Mirror, Mirror Staff, May 31, 2014
Restoration officials celebrating the first sighting in decades of an endangered steelhead trout in the Malibu Lagoon. MORE…

ECOMALIBU’S BOARD MEMBER, MARK ABRAMSON, WINS PRESTIGEOUS NATIONAL WETLAND AWARD: The Environmental Law Institute, Washington, DC, (Excerpt), April 3, 2014
EcoMalibu’s board member Mark Abramson is honored with prestigious wetland award.  MORE