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Judges Ruling on Measure R? ‘Stay’ Put Developers!

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Slow growth advocates were able to breathe a sigh of relief now that Measure R is back in effect in the City of Malibu. The measure showed signs of revival when the proponents were granted a stay on May 10th allowing the case to works it’s way through the court system.

A panel of three judges signed the decision, which came about after interveners on behalf of Save Malibu filed written papers asking for the ordinance to go back into place during the appeal process.

Proponent Michele Reiner spoke exclusively to The Local Malibu about the Stay granted by the court in the Measure R case: “This ruling is another victory for the power of the people. When City Hall failed to protect us, the people of Malibu stepped up to pass Measure R, and the people have stepped up again to defend the measure on appeal. We hope this prompts the City Council to do its duty and go to court on behalf of its constituents, who passed Measure R by a landslide.”  More…