Ebb and Flow


December 2, 2015 – EcoMalibu announces pre-production plans to produce educational video on details of making a rain garden.

EcoMalibu is currently producing an educational, step-by-step, how-to video instructing home-owners on how to construct a rain garden. The rain garden video will teach the viewer how to convert their landscape using native vegetation for the purpose of cleaning pollution and conserving water. Rain gardens intercept polluted stormwater runoff from rooftops and driveways and divert it into the landscape. This polluted runoff is cleaned and filtered as it passes through the soil and pollutants are extracted by plant roots.  Additionally, rain gardens are constructed with native plants and use 93% less water than a typical lawn.    The rain garden video will also feature details on how-to convert the water used for the laundry into a graywater irrigation system. Promoting rain gardens and the use of graywater for irrigation can cut water usage and dramatically reduce pollutants reaching our rivers, creeks, streams, wetlands, and the ocean.